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People are crazy about Ping-Pong, it is becoming more popular by the day. People around New York City meet in all kinds of unlikely spaces (art galleries, apartments, clubs, laundry rooms, etc.) to enjoy this portable, versatile game. You bill be sure to find many of people to come to your table tennis or Ping-Pong party, especially when you host it at Play. We have a great hall with 6 table tennis tables and 8 pool tables. Due to the sports popularity, sometimes have to wait up to an hour to play. Ping-Pong continues to become increasingly popular. Isn’t this the best time to make arrangements for your own ping-pong party? Whether you just want to play a few friendly games or host an all-out Ping-Pong match, Play can accommodate. At Play you will find accommodations for events of any size. Our amenities include: a large banquet and dance floor, the most modern audio visual facilities, delicious American cuisine, many choices of games, all presented in a sleek, modern decor. We can personalize your package to make your event fit any style or budget.

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