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A Complete Guide To Champagne Diamonds

Of all the many diamond colours, perhaps the champagne diamond is the most unique and is certainly up there with pink diamonds at the top of the most wanted list. The definition of a champagne diamond is one that is mainly brown with a hue of yellow, with many varieties of attractive shades.

Medieval Europe

If we go back to the Middle Ages, champagne diamonds were popular with royalty and nobles, with many religious artefacts containing champagne diamonds. Also known as cognac diamonds, there are some stunning pieces of jewellery to be found with the online antique jeweller and if you are planning to create a unique piece of jewellery, you can source champagne diamonds in loose and uncut form from a leading Australian gem wholesaler and the same company can design and handcraft the item.

Victorian Jewellery

If you are a lover of fine antique jewellery, there are many stunning pieces that contain champagne diamonds of varying quality and with an online search, you can locate an established online antique dealer and browse their catalogue.

Historical Beliefs

As with other shades, champagne diamonds have a set of beliefs attached; the wearer of brown diamonds are said to be connected with Mother Nature, due to the warm and natural tone. This shade is also believed to encourage order, stability and clarity and champagne diamonds were a favourite with older folk.

How the Colour is Formed

Champagne diamonds contain minute quantities of nitrogen and with billions of years of intense pressure deforms the diamond lattice, causing refraction of light and we see this is a brownish yellow. The intensity of the colour depends on the trace amount of nitrogen within the stone.

Argyle Champagne Diamonds

The Australian Argyle Mine has produced some of the best champagne diamonds. If you are curious where to buy champagne diamonds and planning to create a unique piece of jewellery, there are champagne diamonds for sale in Sydney by a leading gemstone dealer with a great reputation within the industry. Although the Argyle Mine is no longer producing diamonds, a leading gemstone dealer can acquire top quality champagne diamonds at trade prices.

Custom Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

If your bride to be has a thing for champagne diamonds, why not approach a leading Australian custom jeweller, who can source the perfect diamonds and turn your concept into reality.  The gemstone dealer has an extensive catalogue of champagne diamonds, all with GIA certification and the custom jeweller can usually work to the client’s budget. Click here for more detailed information about diamond grading.

Understanding the Diamond Grading System

As with a colourless diamond, champagne coloured stones are graded using the 4C system:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

Champagne diamonds are graded on a fancy colour diamond scale, which ranges from C1 to C7, with C1 being the lightest and C7 being the darkest category.

  • C1 & C2 equals light champagne
  • C3 & C4 –equals medium champagne
  • C5 & C6 equals dark champagne
  • C7 equals fancy dark champagne

You can learn a lot about champagne diamonds using the Internet and when you are ready to talk about jewellery design, search with Google for a leading custom jeweller, who has access to loose champagne diamonds and can turn your concept into a gorgeous diamond ring.

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