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A Guide To Package Tracking

Life has greatly improved thanks to the digital revolution and one great feature in the logistics sector is package tracking. 

How Does Package Tracking Work? 

Every consignment from express couriers Melbourne or in your city, for example, has a digital ID. This can be read by a scanning device and at every stage of the delivery process, the ID is logged onto the network until it is signed off by the recipient. The cargo can be anything from a digital device to a motorcycle. Every item is given an ID and that allows it to be tracked, wherever in the world it might be at any given time.

Tracking Service 

When you order products online, you will be given a consignment number and a link to the package tracking website. Once there, simply paste your consignment number into the search window and click, on ‘track my package’ and the location of your package will be displayed. It might be at the wholesaler, or on its way to the port and if you are the sender, you can easily find out how things are progressing and will receive notification of successful delivery. Let’s say you engage their services, you will know the moment the package is received and you can quickly check on the status of any consignment. 

Third Party Logistics 

The 3PL industry is booming, largely thanks to the rise of e-commerce. If you are looking for Melbourne logistics service or one near your area to fulfil your orders, see to it that they have the know-how and the resources to ensure rapid delivery. Working with a leading 3PL firm takes the strain from you and your employees – send your products and packaging to the 3PL warehouse and they handle the picking, packing and delivery. They can handle any volume of orders. All you do is forward orders by email and your logistics partner does the rest. 

Great Customer Service 

How many times have you called a supplier to ask about your delivery? Well, those days are behind us with the arrival of digital and GPS tracking. Simply paste your package code into the window and voila! This takes the load away from the logistics company, as they no longer receive calls from people asking about their delivery, so package tracking is a win-win for everyone.


Some package tracking systems utilise GPS, which pinpoints ocean vessels and aircraft, so you can actually check if your package is on the plane already. This technology was a game-changer and can be used in so many ways. Finding missing people, tracking packages and vehicles, to name but a few. When you go hiking in the mountains or the Outback, you can connect to a GPS network that tracks your location and pressing a button will alert the emergency services.

All logistics providers run with a global package tracking system that is managed by AI, which means the sender or recipient can instantly check on the status of the package. The Internet of Things will be used for things like package tracking; unlike the Internet, which is for humans, the IoT is solely for digital devices to communicate with each other and this will take us to another level of global connectivity.

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