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When you have been travelling in Thailand and fall in love with the country so much that you want to live there, you will need to find yourself a job. There are many jobs that foreigners in Thailand are not allowed to do, as these roles are reserved for Thai nationals, but one job you may want to consider is teaching.

There are many different levels you can teach, from kindergarten to high school, and even teaching business English to corporate executives. If this sounds appealing to you, below are some of the things you will need to do to allow you to teach English in Thailand and start living your life in the Land of Smiles.

What You Will Need To Teach English

There is a shortage of qualified English teachers in Thailand, so you can often get a job without having experience, but you will need to qualify first. You will need to have a degree, and you will also need to have a TEFL qualification. You can study for the TEFL while in Thailand, and an excellent place to get this is at a Chiang Mai TEFL course. You can gain this certificate in as little as four weeks. Once qualified, you can start looking for a job teaching English and earn a living while living in this tropical paradise.

Deciding What Age Group That You Want To Teach

Before looking for a job, you will want to consider your preferred age group that you want to teach. There are teaching positions available from kindergarten age to adults, so there will be a suitable position open for you, whatever your preference. Think about what age group you are most comfortable teaching, and you can then start to look for a job that suits you.

Consider Teaching At A Language School

There are thousands of language schools throughout Thailand where you can consider working, and many of them are always looking for qualified teachers. A significant benefit of teaching in a language school is that you can enjoy working in the air conditioning, as many schools do not have this unless working for a private or international school. They will also often have lots of tools you can use, and there is no need to make lesson plans as you are teaching from a set course.

Teaching English In A School

You can teach English in a school if you prefer, and it is sometimes easier to get the classroom dynamics going when you have more students to teach. Many schools throughout the country struggle to get quality teachers. There are always positions available, even in the middle of the term. The best time to look for a new teaching job is in April and May before the schools go back. If you look at websites like, you will see lots of available positions that may be suitable.

Once you have found a job and have somewhere to live and settle in, you can start enjoying living your life in beautiful Thailand and make your dreams a reality.

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