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Licenses You May Need To Be Able To Conduct Business

If you are thinking of setting up your own business in a country like Thailand for example, it is much like your country of origin and there are certain licenses and permits required in order to conduct business activities. It really does depend on what kind of business that you want to get involved in because there are many regulations dictated by local and national government bodies.

There may be quite a few forms to be filled in and a lot of red tape to negotiate your way through. No one would blame you for having no idea about what the local laws are in this regard, and this is why it makes a lot of sense to turn to a legal professional for any assistance needed.

If you are involved in any of the following businesses in Thailand, then you may need Thai Board of Investment lawyers to help you to negotiate your way through the paperwork. If it is your wish to get involved in certain businesses that involves tourism, education, taking care of children, selling alcohol and of course selling food and beverages including alcoholic ones, then you’re definitely going to need some kind of permit or licence.

The following are just some of the more common licenses that you might need for your business.

An Alcohol License

Not just anyone is permitted to sell alcohol in Thailand, and so there are a number of rules and regulations that need to be followed in order for you to be able to do so. There are other restrictions as well, such as not being able to sell alcohol between the hours of two and five, and the usual restrictions regarding age also apply.

A Food License

If you have an aspiration to open your own restaurant and sell some fantastic food to wedding customers, then you’re going to need a food license to do just that. Once your application has been sent to the relevant government department, the officer involved will make a visit to your restaurant to make sure that you are following all the rules with regards to food preparation and hygiene.

A School License

If education is your thing and you want to impart it to the masses, then you definitely need to have a school license in order to teach young children. The Thai government takes education very seriously indeed, and so there are numerous rules and regulations in place to protect the children, your employees and of course, yourself.

A TAT Tourism License

The tourism industry is growing all the time and so this is a niche that has plenty of room for some new ideas when you want to send people on vacation. However, you’re definitely going to need a tourism license in order to be able to offer services and products to potential customers.

All of these licenses are in place to protect both you and the consumer; they must be attained as early as possible. You want to be running your business above board and you do not want to be contravening the law in any way.

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